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Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

Lonjsko polje was proclaimed a nature park in 1990. It covers an area of 50 650 hectares. There are about 250 species of birds and it is the largest hatching ground in Europe. Enjoy in the intact nature, silence of oak woods, clean air, croaking of frogs and singing of birds,peace and quiet.

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is situated in central part of the Republic of Croatia, bordering on the slopes of Mount Moslavina and the Zagreb-Slavonski Brod motorway in the north and the Sava River in the south.

Time stands still in Lonjsko Polje. Images and scenes that can be seen here are the same as those 1,000 years ago – local people living in harmony with nature and flora and fauna being one of the unique treasures that single it out as a truly rare region in the whole world.

Various fish species are abundant in all the rivers, so traditional fishing was commonly practised in all the villages. Floods are of great importance to the Nature Park because they insure a continuous survival and development of unique vegetation and in doing so they maintain opulent fauna, especially birds. As far as the vegetation is concerned the greatest treasure of Lonjsko Polje are its woods covering 60% of the entire area. The great area covered by woods provides a necessary diversity of habitat that enables various animal species and organisms to thrive. The traditional way of life of the local people is of great importance too, because in this way biological and ecological development consistent with natural demands of flora and fauna is enabled.  

Lonjsko Polje is a unique nature park in the south-eastern Europe and the largest protected area in Croatia as well as the entire Danube drainage basin. Conservation of nature and countryside along with the flora and fauna of the wetland habitat is of national as well as international importance. Lonjsko Polje is the home of more than 250 bird species, and plants extinct in the rest of Europe: Four Leaf Clover (Marsilea quadrifolia), deer, beavers, white herons, imperial and white-tailed eagles, ferruginous ducks, black storks terns, and above all white storks with one of the most populous habitats from the village of Čigoć to the village of Lonja, just to name a few. The vast area of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is largely covered by wetland forests (60% of the area), then wetland pasture grounds and grasslands (around 30%) and water, rural and farming areas cover the smallest portion of the whole area of the park (around 10%).


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