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Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium -Karlovac

Fell the richness of every drop of Croatian waters. Look throught the magnifier at the water world which surround us under the surface. Take a peek into the mysterious world of the river – Karlovac freshwater aquarium and meet the world under the surface!

Croatia is one of the European countries with the richest ichthyofauna and flora , and the city of Karlovac, as a city famous for its four rivers , is a particularly suitable place for the presentation of the natural richness of our fresh waters. 

The idea of constructing an aquarium is a result of the desire for transformation of our rich natural and cultural heritage, especially the element of water, into a notable attraction.  

Fresh water aquarium Aquatika is a public institution  primarily created to meet the demands of children and youth, students, scientists, aquarists and local population – not only to create  awareness of extraordinary biological diversity but also to meet the demands  and educate  its vistors to sustainably use the exceptional richness of  their mother country/homeland. 

Visitors can witness  richness of life in rivers and lakes, and more than one hundred freshwater fish species, of which 40 are endemic. The importance of an aquarium as the unique city attraction is of great matter not only for touristic development of the city of Karlovac but it also represents the business opportunity for all the enterpreuners involved in the project from the moment of its creation to projects yet to come due to colaboration on all levels. Aquarium contributes to the achievement of the strategical goals of the city of Karlovac: workplace concern, tourism in the function of city development and the higher quality of life for citizens of Karlovac.

Each town of the Karlovac County has its river – Ozalj has Kupa, Duga Resa has Mrežnica , Slunj has Korana, and Ogulin has Dobra.  The four rivers meet in Karlovac.  Through the aquarium the citizens of Karlovac will continue to live the local tradition on rivers and with rivers in the city of meeting, in the heart of Croatia.

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