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Biserujka Cave - Island Krk

Visit the Biserujka cave. The existence of this cave has been known, at Rudin or above the Slivanjska bay, for over a hundred years when its interior was hidden and it has aroused interest for its unrevealed secrets and the beauty of its calcite decorations. From the time that the story about a smuggler's hidden treasure was created, to the first entrances of interested visitors, its paths have been readjusted and people can now move more freely.

Biserujka Cave is also known as Vitezićeva Cave. The lowest point of the cave was measured at -13 meters, and the bottom of the cave is only 30 meters above the sea level. The cave extends relatively shallow beneath the surface and its overlay never exceeds 6 to 8 meters. Bone fragments of a cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) were found in the cave. 

Biserujka Cave is located on the island of Krk 300 meters north-west of the Rudine village. The cave is adjusted to tourists and offers a wealth of cave decorations - calcareous sinters, stalagmites, and stalactites. According to a speleological classification, it represents a simple cave with mouth that lead into a gently sloping cave channel. Its underground areas include: Mouth, Balcony, Shaft, Great Hall, Northern Channel, Arched Hall and Cypress Hall. 

In the deeper part of the cave variations of microclimatic parameters are minor; soil and air temperature is about 15.0° C with relative humidity of about 95%, which makes the cave environment quite enjoyable. 

Endemic wildlife of the cave is very diverse. Six stenoendemic species live in the cave (endemics of a very narrow range endemic to the Kvarner area). Three species of invertebrates from Biserujka Cave are described, thus making this cave a type site (“locus typicus”). In 2009 an unknown species of pseudoscorpion belonging to the Roncus genus was discovered in Biserujka. Because of it the cave was listed in the National Ecological Network aiming to preserve endemic species and habitats - karst caves and pits. Although the area around Biserujka is mostly barren and rocky and at first seems rather uninteresting, it is characterized by several peculiarities worth looking into. Therefore Biserujka Cave and Slivanjska Cove are now connected by the Educational Trail enabling every visitor to learn surprising details about the surroundings by means of 5 info panels. The trail is actually a lovely 30-minute walk.

With cave illumination being considerably increased, so too the interest for the existing treasure of the subterranean gallery of numerous stalactites, stalagmites and calcite pillars. With its length of around 110 m and the dimension of its subterranean space, the interior part truly enchants with its beauty and curiosity of sediment shapes. The cave temperature throughout the year is between 10 and 13 oC, and the occasional filtration, leaking from the roofs and floor wetting only happens during the rainy period. Along the readjusted and safe pathways, the passage through the cave is now available to everyone – from children to adults.

Tickets / Cave Biserujka

- children up to 5 years old = free of charge
- children: 5 - 12 years old = 5 $
- adults = 7 $ 

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