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Who are we?

Signature of Croatia is an online travel agency platform that is an expert in providing a complete and wondrous experience for clients coming to Croatia. We provide top services for Croatian travel arrangements, our experienced villas specialist match you with the high quality villa rental for your needs, satisfying the desires of our client, exceeding their expectations and turning their visit into a memorable experience.


Why do I need you?

You need Signature of Croatia anytime you are coming to Croatia! Firstly, we will be available the moment you reach Croatia, to make sure you feel at home, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Your villa and environment will fit you and your traveling purpose. For example, if you are travelling for honeymoon, reunion, special events and corporate retreat, we are going to select a luxury villa in the best location that will make you comfortable and make sure you enjoy every moment of your vacation.

Also, making your traveling arrangements and putting together an itinerary can be complex for you. We will professionally assist you in putting together your travel guide and ensure you are not alone before, during and after your journey.  In addition, if you need important information (like fees and duration), about a particular trip or special events (like a honeymoon or anniversary cruise) contact us now, and we will ensure you have a great and outstanding experience.


Do you charge per person?

No. The price depends on the type of villa, because we charge on the entire villa. However, each villa has their respective guest limits. Therefore, the villas might not accommodate more than the specified guests limit.


If our number is more than the villa’s guest limit, will you find another villa nearby?

Yes, we have friends and associates around each villa that will help us find an amazing villa nearby for your family and friends.


What is the minimum and maximum length of stay?

You can stay for the number of days you want. If your purpose requires up to a month, we will continue to make sure you are comfortable and not alone. Also, the minimum number of days depends on some villa. But in most cases, you must plan to stay up to 7 days. However, this is one of the information that we are going to use to book your accommodation, so you won’t have any problem.


We are several families in the traveling group. Can we split costs so that each family pays separately?

Unfortunately, splitting either the down payment 30% or rest payment 70% is not accepted by Signature of Croatia, If you decide to split the costs of the payment, please collect the money in advance from your parties and then pay the full amount to Signature of Croatia from just one account in just one payment.


I have booked one villa with SignatureofCroatia.villas is it possible to change this villa to another one?

Unfortunately no. Owners are various physical persons or legal entities. Signature of Croatia has issued an invoice at the reservation, the tax is paid and the money is paid to the owner so unfortunately a change of the villa is not possible.


Do we have to pay full rent if we book a home with more bedrooms then we need?

The villas are booked for a specific period and up to the maximum capacity of the villa. No matter if the villa is booked by one person or by the maximum number of guests, the price remains the same. This is noted on the villa rate listings on this site.


I searched the villa’s address, but my navigation system does not find it. How is this possible?

Some of the villas are located in small villages and sometimes search engines or navigation systems do not recognize them. This is why on the booking confirmation sent to you per email coordinates are listed. Copy them in order to find the correct location of the villa.


Does a weekly rental always start on the same day each week?

Generally, in most of our destinations in Croatia the normal arrival and departure day is Saturday.


Can I bring my pets?

Some villas do not allow pets, but if you want to bring along your pets, you can contact us, in order to recommend the appropriate villa for you.


Can I specify a particular villa?

Yes. Everything we do is based on our client’s interest and want. If you have a particular villa that you will love to stay, you can contact us and tell us about it, we will ensure we secure it for you.


Why do you need my Passports or ID?

We need your Passport and ID to verify your identity. Also, when we need to book your car, villa and in the tourist office, your ID will be used to register you and your friends or family. But, they will be returned to you once the appropriate official has processed all the necessary information.


Do I need a visa before I can visit Croatia?

If you are traveling with a valid U.S. or Canadian passport, you can stay for 3 months without a Visa. In addition, Australian, New Zealand and Japanese citizens and members of the EU do not need a visa to travel.


How do I know my booking is confirmed?

Once we have confirmed and processed your booking, all the information will be sent to your mail.


How will I get the keys to the villa?

Once your reservation is paid in full, we will send you a rental voucher, along with all the information you need to reach the property or a nearby meeting point. There you will find the property owners or our representative, who will show you around the place and will hand you the keys.


Can you help me book my air tickets?

We do not arrange international flight tickets; however we can book the internal flights in Croatia as a courtesy, or you can book them yourself, as you prefer.


Will I need a new driver’s license?

According to Croatian law, the United States citizens visiting Croatia for tourism or business may use a U.S. driver's license for up to three months. U.S. citizens with an approved extended tourist visa or a permit for permanent residence may continue to use a U.S. driver's license for up to twelve months; however, a Croatian driver's license is required for stays longer than twelve months. Also, a driver must be at least 23 years old and must have a valid driver’s license before he/she can rent a car.


Who will I contact if I have a problem in the villa?

All villas have their respective managers or housekeeper who is always available anytime you have a problem. Their contact information will be given to you when you arrive at your villa. Also, during the trip we will provide 24 hour emergency phone number from our agency.


Check-in – check out

The earliest check in is 3 p.m. The latest check-out is 11 a.m.


Do all of your villas include staff personnel?

All staff personnel can be arranged at additional cost at most of our destinations, but please confirm frequency of this service with your Villa Specialist.


What do I need to know about Croatia?

Language: Croatia people speak Croatian. But, English is popularly spoken in tourist areas


How do I call the U.S from Croatia?

To call the United States from Croatia, you must dial 001+area code +phone number.


How do I call the Croatia from the United States?

To call the Croatia from United States, you must dial 011385 + area code +phone number.


General emergency number in Croatia is 112. During the trip we will provide 24 hour emergency phone number from our agency.


Power supply: 220 Volts; Frequency: 50 Hz


Water: majority is tap water and it is drinkable


Working hours: Most shops are open from 8am to 8pm


Currency: Croatia Kuna


ATMs: These machines are readily available and they can only dispense cash in local currency i.e. Kuna.  Most machines accept pin in numbers and not letters.


Credit Cards: most shops and restaurants accept credit cards, while most vendors accept cash. Therefore, it is important to ask up front.


Wi-Fi: Many cities in Croatia have free Wi-Fi, however,  hotels and villas have dependable Wi-Fi.


Mobile phones: The popular network providers are Tele2, VIP and T-Mobile. You can purchase their SIM card from their respective offices. Phones without a SIM card can use their mobile apps like WhatsApp and Viber to make calls.


Weather:40 to 65 º F in the spring and autumn, 70 to 90 º F in the summer and 30 – 45 º F in the winter.


What are shops and public services working hours?


During the tourist season, most shops are open from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. on weekdays, and many are also open during the weekend.


Public services and business offices generally work from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m., Monday to Friday.


What is the high season and what is the low season in Croatia?


High season: June to September


Low season: January to March


Shoulder season: October to December, April to May


In which time zone is Croatia located?


Croatia is located in the Central European time zone, i.e. six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. Daylight saving time starts at the end of March and lasts till the end of October.


Greetings: Handshake is used when greeting or saying goodbye.




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